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Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:45 pm

Recently I have received an email from Ankama-Games regarding my Dofus private server, DofusX.

A copy of the email is located below:

Dear customer,

We received a complaint regarding an IP assigned to you (**.***.**.***). Please see the complaint at the bottom of this e-mail. We urge you to take appropriate action to prevent future complaints.



Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby inform you of the following details:

It was not possible to contact the author of the website , which is currently hosted on your servers. This website is a private server of our online game DOFUS (<>).

The creation of private servers assimilates to counterfeiting, parasitism and unfair competition and causes genuine damages to our company, which falls victim to the hijacking of its paying customers.

Indeed, the creation of a private server requires the analysis of the data stream between the client (the player's program) and the official DOFUS server. The author, therefore, has modified the original DOFUS client in order to connect to the illegal server.

The DOFUS game belongs to ANKAMA GAMES. The creation of a private server involves the implementation of the knowhow and development of ANKAMA GAMES' DOFUS game.

The author of this private server tries to benefit from the fame and the reputation of our DOFUS brand and of our online game DOFUS.

The author of this server is guilty of the following infringements:
- Infiltration into an automatic data processing system (Criminal Code, art. 323-1)
- Counterfeiting Trademarks (Intellectual Property Code, art. L716-1 and followings)
- Counterfeiting Copyrights: software and designs (Intellectual Property Code, art. L335-3 and followings).
- Parasitism

- Unfair competition (Civil Code, art. 1382 et 1383)
- Reverse engineering
- Decompilation

In pursuance of the Madrid Protocol and the French Law n° 2004-575 of 21 June, 2004 regarding the e-economy reliance, we do ask you to take down this private server as soon as possible and to save all the information that shall then help us identify the author of this website with a view to requisitioning the competent judicial authorities.

Following this e-mail, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that your responsibility in this matter could also be invoked if you do not deal with it in the shortest of delays.

Yours Faithfully,
Legal Department

For this reason I have been forced to shut down DofusX.

Please don't complain about it being offline, I'm having enough trouble as it is deciding what to do.


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